Frequently Asked Questions
This document outlines specific answers to questions that may be too detailed for the 'How to Play' document. This is a living document and if you feel that important game details are not covered, please let us know and we will do our best to keep this document as useful as possible!
What is the Main Treasure tile that I have to place?
This tile is a special tile that is required in each castle. Think of it as a treasure room in a traditional medieval setting. It is important for gameplay purposes because this tile is one of the victory conditions for attacking invaders.
What types of special units are there? How do I get them?
There are three types of units available: basic, limited, and hero. The first two types are available to all players once you reach the requirements to recruit them (minimum level, reputation, etc.). The hero types are unique units generated for you. Hero types are made available to you based on luck and the achievements you reach.
How do I resume a campaign that I previously started?
After logging in, navigate to the Campaign option on the menu. This action will automatically redirect you to any unfinished campaigns.
I lost one of my favorite units during a recent battle! Is there any way I can recover him/her/it?
Unit revival will be implemented in a later update. At this time, this feature is not in place yet but keep checking back!