This site is a companion site to Custom PC Review. Create your own build either from scratch or using one of our featured builds as a template. Set budget requirements and check back to see if pricing updates meet your target. We know that building an epic rig isn't easy, and we're here to help.

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  • Custom PC Review 2014 Nov

    If you've seen the parts list recently you'll notice that we added a whole bunch of new parts courtesy of Newegg's product catalog. If you can't find a part on our list and would like to add it to your build, let us know via our 'Contact' page and we'll take care of it!

  • Custom PC Review 2014 Oct

    Sharing a build is easier than ever now! We've added 'Share Build' buttons to all the build pages and an 'All Builds' index page where your newly created build can be browsed by others. We hope you enjoy using these new features!

  • Custom PC Review 2014 Sep

    We've added Facebook and Google login options to make it easier for you to start a build!

  • Custom PC Review 2014 Aug

    You might notice that we've added a Hot Deals section. Here, you will find hand picked tech deals by our staff. If you have any questions, just leave a comment in the discussion area and our experts will get to you as quickly as we can!

  • Custom PC Review 2014 Aug

    We've created a Reviews Database and have begun adding entries. The latest reviews can also be found at the main Custom PC Review site.

  • Custom PC Review 2014 Jul

    This is the official launch day for CPCR.build! We are in the process of adding more features and even more products. Please enjoy your time on this site, and thank you for visiting!